LIKE YOU/तुम्हारे जैसा (POEM)

Who is like you?

A debonair in a suit, a happy-go -lucky person, an insouciant saint or a king with the precious crown?
Well, when we find hollowness, deceptive looks with judgemental attitude, money as the sole power, acceptance with conditional terms…then the divine fragment light burns…where we can unpour our feelings without modulating it, where we know that we won’t be rejected for our whimp and wails, where we can kneel down without wearing our ego, where education, talent, beauty are not the tiara…and where we will be accepted for being the original one…
It’s you…it’s you My Lord…where we can bow…the origin of unconditional love…the unique one.

तुम्हारे जैसा

एक भोर तुम्हारे जैसा…
दुआओं और प्यार से महका महका

एक शाम तुम्हारे जैसा…
तेज, ताप और अंगार सा दहका दहका

एक रात तुम्हारे जैसा…
शान्त, स्निग्ध,कही लहरों सा बहका बहका

यह सब तुम्हारे जैसा…
और तुम??
तुम इन महके,दहके,बेहके
ख्वाबों से कहीं ऊपर…
मेरे अन्तर्मन के विभीषिकाओ को मिटा के
विराजे हो मेरे दिल पे, हर अलंकार के परे…
मेरे प्रभू!!


A morning like you…
Fragrant like love and prayer

An evening like you…
Glowing like fire, filling warmth in the air

A night like you…
Gracious like waves, calmness folded in layers

All are like you…
But you??
You are above all this dreamy affairs,
Eliminating my fears, wiping my tears,
Sitting firmly in my heart, climbing those stairs.
My Lord!!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. rajesh dhamge says:

    It’s “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” my 1 word comment. …
    Volume in bulk shall be posted soon too… let me check my existence and brain if at all that could be resonant….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you for liking and for the special word😊


  2. Rajan Michael says:

    Excellent. Keep on writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you so much😊


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