We all are vagabond, wandering with our thoughts, leading an unsettled mindset with bundles of doubt, which we conceal and sometimes we reveal with filters…

But a time comes when we realize that it was actually not worth carrying…so what to do with the bundles?

That’s the time when we have to pause, relax and let time take it’s own decision because solution of every problem comes with course of time.

It’s easy to say but bit tough to achieve it …and here…we have to use our pran shanti (life force) , the channel through which mental energy flows…and to balance our pran sakti, we have to embrace yoga, asanas, pranayama, mudra and meditation. This harmony will create magic…it will help to feel an increase in energy and confidence, while experiencing a higher level of consciousness and a peaceful mind.

So dear all, clasp your own hands, close your eyes and feel the energy flowing. Love all and love yourself and let your confidence speak for you…

From my pran sakti…to your pran sakti…let peace flow…

प्राण शक्ति

एक कलम,एक आवाज
धड़कने बनी मेरी वो नायाब साज़
संतुलित राह का, प्राण शक्ति ने किया आगाज़
मुसाफ़िर हूँ, लेकिन पूंजी है,मेरा आत्मविश्वास ।


A pen, a voice
Heartbeat, the music of my choice
Life force energizes the path with poise

Vagabond I am, but confidence is my noise.



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  1. Rajan Michael says:


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    1. sutapa says:

      Thank you! I am glad you liked it🙂
      God bless you too🙏


  2. rajesh dhamge says:

    Your proficiency to prompt your views with cultured straightforwardness is consummate. It seems you have been embracing minimalism. To the contrary I have an upsetting inclination towards delving beyond the realm served before my grey matter whenever I read your blog and thus I resort seamlessly to expound beyond normal comprehension. I am quite aware about few of your blogs which have been re-served with your audio variant too… opening lines “A PEN, A VOICE” has some relevance with the style of your blogging…
    So looking to this aspect should I comprehend it from first two lines… “ek kalam ….naayab saaz”, that gliding of your pen over the pad has participated as an especially resolute musical accompaniment to your soulful beautiful voice. I can hear the symphony in your so called orchestra. If I look beyond the normal perception it seems this tune syncs to help you rejuvenate & kindle your life. I too feel I am an audience to your orchestra wherein further I hear to read that this only ensures you to listen to your own calls for inner peace, which is efficaciously maintaining your equanimity while travelling this sojourn of life.
    But the conclusion as expressed seems to be a speculation worrying you unnecessarily & yet you answer and then you embark upon to say, “Yes, I am a trotter with coffers filled enough to replenish the composure amidst any chaos & humdrum, to propel the way wherever destiny wants.”
    But your overture at times, in most of the blogs is left to be bridged by the readers when they read the introduction and the actual poem; here too there is a jigsaw puzzle. Description is something which relates to the noise of the mundane world where mostly any common mass subsists as a drifter and thus is perturbed by the challenges, who then seeks a refuge to vent their suffocations in a censored manner leaving few remnants still within them. Then there is situation wherein it is quite obvious that we can develop an apprehension with or without solutions till we mature enough to let go things as they want. Your candid revelation is common yet is scarce because people seldom open up thoroughly. However it’s good that you have insisted your readers to practice some techniques to bring the inner peace & equanimity. Yes I agree in to-to, because this inflicts the elevation of an individual’s spirits high enough so that mind & body are synced together. Biologically numerous neurons stimulate the body & mind and what if this electro-stimulus binds one’s soul with other by pouring bliss from one to another.
    “EXCELLENT”, in one word
    If ever you find my conjecture for first two lines to be true then do please record for your viewers the poetic rhapsody delivered in BARGAD AUR AMALTAS.

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    1. sutapa says:

      There is a fine line between what we want and what is destined for us, we all have to agree with it. We don’t create the meaning of our life, as Sartre claimed – we discover it. So like that, all poems doesn’t come out of brain…some comes from the heart…so accept it as it is🙂
      Thank you so much and yes I will soon serve the vocal rendition of the poem as desired.


  3. Supriya says:

    The fIrst two lines of a poem which shapes you it imbibes your whole personality , it reflects you third line of poem which is your pranshakthi…It should be emphasized to inspire thousand of your fan followers to make them happy.. lastly fourth line a bit upsetting…I won’t agree with you …You may not know about your own capacities…Your both eyes are like a sun and moon … Which can see more than any normal eyes can , another thing it reflects abundant love for man…..Y more. So just stop those thought….And move on with your pen to share your heart beat …of melodies rythym. My request to you is that you just come up from your bundles of doubts. to soothe many more hearts.

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    1. sutapa says:

      Thank you for showering so much love and affection on me…don’t place me so high dear, we all are human with mixed bundle of emotions. Spread love and happiness and let our confidence speak for us🙂


  4. Beautiful..! and so many realities here. ❤ Thank you for sharing!!

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  5. rajesh dhamge says:
    Traveller’s voice

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    1. sutapa says:

      Musafir hu yaaro👍👍


  6. Thanks for flowing the Pran Shakti

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    1. sutapa says:

      Let it bring more happiness…God bless you!


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