We have come a long way with this Mudra journey, still lots to share. Today on Yogi Thursday as we all are celebrating Rakhi, coming up with a set of raksha kavach , specially for Asthma patients.

These Mudras helps in dilatation of the bronchial tubes thereby naturally combating an attack of asthma. During an acute attack of asthma, before nebulization, with deriphyline and dexamethasone, one can perform this Mudra’s.

Let us start with Bronchial Mudra…..



Place little finger at base of thumb, ring finger on the upper thumb joint,  middle finger on the tip of thumb.
Index finger should be extended.

10 minutes 5 times a day.


Press finger nails of middle finger.
Other fingers will remain extended.

5 minutes 5 times a day.


1. Very useful in acute attacks of bronchial asthma.
2. They relaxes and soothes the muscles around the respiratory track.
3. They opens the bronchial tubes and hence relieves the congestion.
4. They relieves from negative feelings and moods.
5. They regulates oxygen intake.
6. They are also a long term treatment for avoiding the recurrence of acute attacks of asthma.


1. Asthma patients should do pranayam on a daily basis.
2. Stress should be avoided.
3. Smoking should be banned.
4. During cold weather, should never breathe through mouth because the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed and congested.

And say this prayer while performing the Mudras……
“I am already healed, my lungs are healthy, my lungs are oxygenating my body. I am blessed.”

Mudra’s are like literal remote control switches bringing quick and effective changes, so use these switches and let me know how you are healing yourself…….



Today in Yogi Thursday, introducing this simple, gentle Mudra, which has the power of relieving tension, headaches or even migraine. It clears away the pain, pressure and more. Before you pop in a pain killer, try Mahasir Mudra.
Basically Headache are of four types—-
1.Sinus— Pain is usually behind the forehead or cheekbones.
2. Cluster— Pain is in or around one eye.
3. Tension pain— Pain is like a band squeezing the head.
4. Migraine— Pain is at one side of head followed by nausea and visual changes.
These all pains are relieved by Mahasir Mudra.



Tip of the thumb is joined with the tip of index and middle finger. Ring finger is into the fold of thumb and strech the little finger out.


1. It quiets the senses and calms the emotions.
2. It is good for migraine, headache and releases tension.
3. It cures all sorts of stress.
4. It eliminates mucous congestion in the frontal sinuses.
5. It relieves eye strain and back pain.
6. It improves concentration and meditation.


15 minutes thrice a day or as an when required.

Before any Japa, Meditation or Worship, Mudras are practised because Mudra remove the impurities of the mind like fickleness and lethargy. Mudras activate blood circulation and transmission of energy through the nerves. They balance the five elements, five Pranas and three Doshas by replacing one element with another and increasing or decreasing the proportion of an element within the human body.
Mudras are universal in application. They will benefit all who practice them. So try it and let me know how it works for you……


Mudras have very extra ordinary powers. The practice of Mudras brings about a quick and fundamental reversion of destructive changes in the humam body. They develop virtuous, socially amicable, nonviolent,  pious and courteous disposition.

So lets talk about Mukul Mudra , also known as Samana  Mudra, Sukri Mudra, Tridosha naashak Mudra and Beak hand Mudra.
This mudra balances all the five elements and three humors of the body. This Mudra can be used to overcome any disease, as it helps to draw more cosmic energy and bring balance between mind and body.


This Mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the thumb and all the four fingers. It resembles a bud– Mukul in sanskrit.

1. When this Mudra is placed on the tense or hurting part of the body, it gets relief immediately.
2. The electro magnetic forces generated when the five fingers come together is tremendous and that brings about the balance of all the elements.
3. It is like a sharp focus of healing energy, like a laser beam or a shaft of light, which is directed to the area of concern, so one feels instantly rejuvenated.
4. All the fingers get equal importance with the Agni, that’s why it gives instant result.

15 minutes thrice a day.

When you eat with your hands (you recall your divine nature) or feed the young, or when we use them for digging soil and planting seedlings, when embrace someone or give him a gift, when you join hands in prayer, you are using your hands to share maternal healing energy of the universe, as hands are considered our most precious organ of action.

Mukul Mudra is a reminder that we are always at the root of life, constantly renewing our stream of consciousness.
Try, and analyse the depth and truth of Mudras, and comment about the consequences…


Today is the day for Mudra, coming up with a real ‘jaadu’, for headache, earache, toothache, throat pain, chest/abdominal pain, numbness in body parts and so on…

Actually this Mudra brings about a reduction of the Vaata humor within the body. Vaata governs every moment in body and mind. It controls flow of blood, waste elimination, breathing and also movement of thoughts across the mind.
Excess of Vaata can make us more scattered, fearful and worried than usual.
So dear all, Vaata Nashak Mudra, has got solid reasons to appeal us all to perform it.


Place the tips of the index finger and middle finger on the base of the thumb and place the thumb on it. Little finger and ring finger should be straight.

1. It takes care of lack of stamina and endurance.
2. It helps in poor memory and forgetfulness.
3. It addresses all painful conditions like headache, earache, toothache, throat pain, backache,  heel pain, joint pain etc.
4. It removes the numbness in body parts.
5. It reduces tremors and shivering.
6. It helps the underweight, emaciation, inexplicable weight loss.
7. It cures constipation and flatulence.
8. It takes care of creaking joints and osteoarthritis.
9. It gives relief to dry cracked skin, nails and hair.
10. It removes chronic/easy fatigue.

15 minutes thrice a day.

Mudra therapy is an effective way of non medical and holistic healing. Vaata Naashak Mudra is such a useful Mudra that it can be regularly performed to avoid illness.

The key to health and well -being is to keep our Pranas in harmony.  When one Prana becomes imbalanced, the others tend to become imbalanced as well because they are linked together. The practice of Mudras aids in creating balance among the Pranas. So don’t think, just practice and be benefitted…


Today on Yogi Thursday, let us talk about an Emotional Healing Mudra, Mushti Mudra.

According to ancient sources, this Mudra originated from Lord Vishnu, who used this hand gesture while he was fighting with Madhu.

Mushti Mudra is the tight fist which is the symbol of force, also known as fist Mudra.
It is used for releasing pent up emotions, suppressed anger, frustration, constant irritation and negative emotions.

Each inhalation brings positive energy balancing the fire, each exhalation takes with it the deep seated tensions and suppressed frustration.


Form the fist with both hands and place the thumbs on the back of the ring fingers.

1. Releases body tensions and accumulated emotions.
2. Free our mind from unwanted thoughts and worries.
3. It activates liver and stomach. It aids digestion and cures constipation.
4. It benefits when feeling depressed and discouraged.
5. It lowers blood pressure.
6. It reliefs from physical discomforts like shivering, phlegm in the wind pipe or feeling of lethargy and inertia.
7. Form a fist as soon as you finish your meal, 10 minutes on and the food is digested.

15 minutes thrice a day or whenever you need.

When a dancer completes learning all the Mushti gesture usages he/she recites:
Mushti Hasta Ya Mishyate.

Mushti Mudra is the combination of Vayu Mudra, Shoonya Mudra, Soorya Mudra and Jalodar Nadak Mudra which decreases all the four elements there by solving the problems of the excessive of the four elements namely Vayu, Akash, Prithvi and Jal. The Agni affecting Soorya Mudra generates heat and energy in the body.

In us, there is a blind fury and righteous anger — but there are worlds between them. The basic evil is fear. Let us look for the cause of aggression and develop a strategy as to how it triggers and how it can be eliminated…and ofcourse Mushti Mudra is one of the best solution for it.

Try and share your experience. Comment and let us know how you feel…


In Yogi Thursday we had already discussed, Apana Mudra, Vayu Mudra and now it is time to discuss a very useful Mudra —Apana Vayu Mudra.

This Mudra can save a person from Heart Attack and hence this Mudra is called the Sanjeevani Mudra, one that gives life to a dying person.

This Mudra is as powerful as ‘sorbitate tablet’ for heart patient.

According to Ayurveda,  any imbalance in the three ‘doshas’– Vata, Pitta and kapha, causes diseases. Apana Vayu Mudra restores balance in these three ‘ doshas’. It stimulates and strengthens the blood circulatory system– digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system and the nervous system.



This is a combination of two Mudras – Vayu and Apan. Join tip of thumb with tip of middle finger and ring finger. Place the tip of index finger at the base of the thumb. Let the little finger stretch out.


1. When there are symptoms of heart attack, this Mudra will help the person to recover from pain instantly.

2. It removes blocks in the blood veins, and thickening of arteries are cured.

3. It helps in both high and low Blood pressure.

4. Chest pain, tiredness and perspiration will be reduced immediately.

5. It regularises irregular heart beats.

6. It cures constipation.

7. In case of palpitations, this Mudra can normalize the pulse rate immediately.

8. Too much perspiration in the feet and hands are pacified.

9. It is beneficial in curing acidity.

10. The functional capacity of various organs of the digestive system increases.

11. It helps in Arthritis, Spondylitis,  Parkinson and Paralysis.

12. It removes all negative emotions from the mind and all negative pressure of the body.

13. Pain in the chest region is pacified by this Mudra.

14. Gets relief from migraine.

15. Headache due to lack of sleep, mental worries, over exertion and problems of blood circulation are relieved.

16. Perform this Mudra while climbing staircases and hills.

15 minutes thrice a day.

Heart disease is a very critical health condition and care should be taken in terms of lifestyle, food and exercise. It is important to take medicines on time, but side by side doing Apana Vayu Mudra sets the things right in terms of five elements.

And yes, when you laugh, the lining of your blood vessel walls relaxes and expands, so have a good giggle. Your heart will thank you !!

If you have any query or feedback, do write in the comments.
Take care…

Apana Mudra

I’m hugely passionate about Mudras. Anytime I write about any Mudra, I feel satisfied, happy and content that I am motivating all to embrace one of the best health provider.

Today on Yogi Thursday, let us talk about Apana Mudra. It is also pronounced as Apan or Apaan Mudra by many.

According to Yogic physiology, the vital Pranamaya Kosha is made up of Pancha Pranas – the five winds – Prana, Udana, Samana, Apana and Vyana.

Apana Vayu is concerned with the expulsion of body wastes in the form of sweat, urine, feces etc. Apana Mudra facilitates expulsion of waste from the body and keeps the body clean.

It is also known as Energy Mudra and practicing this Mudra enpowers us in making new beginnings.


Tip of the thumb is to be joined to the tips of the middle and the ring fingers.

1. It purifies the body by removing toxemia from the body.
2. It helps for constipation and piles and establish the regular excretion of solid waste.
3. It takes care of stomach problems such as stomach pain, vomiting, hiccups and restlessness.
4. It soothes tooth ache if practised for 10 minutes daily.
5. Diabetes is controlled by practicing this mudra for 45 minutes followed by Pran Mudra for 15 minutes.
6. It reduces burning sensation in hands, heart and lungs.
7. It cures the problems which are related to eyes, ear, nose and mouth.
8. It takes care of Anuria – absence or obstruction of urine.

Thrice daily for 15 minutes.

Apana Mudra should not be practiced while walking and eating.

Sometimes the simplest things are often ignored, infact most of the truth in life itself are simple but they do work. This is the case with Mudras. When Mudras are so beneficial and easy to do, why should we wait to incorporate them in our lives?

I welcome your opinions, involvement and comments…