It is said, words are mightier than the sword, but eyes speak the best language, as they are the mirror of the soul. In my poem I have let the eyes melt into the heart without any words to support them. Have you ever seen yourself in this mirror of the soul?

                MIRROR OF THE SOUL

Neither the face, nor the vivid circumstances,
It was his eyes, which made all the difference,
Never they spoke and it was not a hinderence,
As the eyes were the words for reference.

In my heart, his eyes spoke, there is a sprain,
She wanted to blink for a breath, but she sustain,
Least she miss the words, soaked in blood and pain,
He also struggled hard to stop the fight between his heart and brain.

It was time to depart and say bon voyage,
But the words still refused to come out of the storage,
Don’t go, stay back please, the eyes paid his homage,
I love you, wept the eyes, be the queen of my cottage.

Years rolled and everything gradually changed,
But not the eyes, who promised to wait,
Those eyes haunted her, even when she meditate,
Come back one day, he silently prayed.

And one day, she came back, in the same old lane,
Surprised he waited, controlling his emotional rain,
Defensive and hurt, he used the words stored in his brain,
Yes I faintly remember, you were one in my friends chain.

She smiled and whispered, remove this bandage,
Lying is an art, but you couldn’t manage,
Your eyes are the mirror of your soul, your salvage,
Dear your eyes still speaks the same language.


Your eyes still speaks the same language…