Last month, same day (28th feb), my baba passed away. He fought with Alzhiemer bravely but surrender to God’s will. A tall, smiling, hard working Miner with helmet on head and hands on the steering of an open jeep, that’s the image of my dad I cherish.

I miss him beyond words, the hurt is like an open wound. I was his first born, baba’s little girl. I cherish the past we shared but miss the future we will not have…

Miss you baba, sleep well…

I know He takes only the best…..

              MISS YOU BABA


The journey was not that easy,
Lights were dim and images very hazy,
World of strangers, all bit crazy,
Was that the reason, to breathe, you felt lazy.


No, you were always a fighter,
Pain, ailments were holding you tighter,
But still you preferred to be life’s subscriber,
Baba you were my real Bengal Tiger.

Holding your hand, unaware of His game,
That God is going to call your name,
Maybe you were so tired, so He came,
You closed your eyes, life will never be same.

I long to spend a day with you,
And want to laugh with you on a topic new,
Your address has changed, that’s true,
Where to search you, there is no clue.


But deep inside my heart you are with me,
Sleep well, take rest, it’s a small plea,
To reach you, my thoughts are the secret key,
He always takes the best, I do agree…..
He always takes the best, I do agree.