He was asthmatic. Old age, 76 years of age and various ailments were not actually his major pain, his wife’s bitter, foul tongue made his life hell.

The whole night, he used to cough and she uses to scream,” You don’t sleep and don’t let others sleep too. One day, I will strangle you.”

Love grows with age, the couple becomes each other’s life, all this was just a fairy tale for them. Bitterness and humiliation were the gifts, the old lady use to serve the old man.

One fine morning, when the daughter-in-law entered their room with morning tea, she was shocked to see that the old lady was no more. This sort of unexpected death left all of them stunned.

The old man wept for his wife, bought a beautiful sandalwood garland for her photograph and prayed for the departed soul.

Days passed, the old man was at his death bed. His whole family surrounded him, some praying, some crying.

The old man slowly opened his eyes and said,”  There is something I want you all to remember as my parting wisdom…never humilate or hate a person so much, that he gets pleasure doing any wrong deed, as if he is doing the best thing in the world.”

Surprised, astronished, his son tried to blabber,” You mean to say that….???”

There was no one to reply, the old man was resting in peace.



Their whole life a couple spends, to build up a beautiful paradise, but as the old age approaches, often, certain ailments and circumstances forces them to leave their nest and settle with their children. This pain of the couple and the isolated house, are the dart of my poem ‘Come Back Again’. I pray for all the couples to be healthy, fit and fine, and to enjoy their life’s blessings.




The gate creaked with an unusual pain,
As, slowly I pushed it open from the chain,
Oh, long time, no see, how come you in this lane?
You know everything, I whispered bit ashamed.

It’s my parents house, where every vacation, visit was a must,
The furniture now covered with cloths, with a topping of dust,
The memories of golden days, which has started to rust,
Made my channel of emotions, to blow in gusts.

Those were the days of laughter, merriment and joy,
Aroma of mom’s delicacy, from the gate, we use to enjoy,
Dad’s blooming garden never failed to deploy,
Where are they, the walls , windows, furniture and all, inquired.

Both sick now, don’t stay in this house anymore,
No one to blow the conch shell like before,
The fruits and flowers no more show up in galore,
All miss them, as each other, they use to adore.

It’s our home, it can’t be a forgotten paradise,
Mom Dad get well soon and again fill the place with life,
We all will dine and laugh, and will listen to your advice,
Come back, old age can’t be the price to sacrifice.

If it is destiny, I still have a complain,
If it is a challenge, I accept all the pain,
May the healers bless, let my prayers not go in vain,
God let them be well, to come back again.
Come back again…….