We all live and we all die, but in between, life waits to see the best of us…the person who can fight for himself, who can express and who can care, who is not a slave and who can stand and say…Yes, I am the blessed one.



The seed sown was deep asleep
The rain whispered and made him peep
Silence in the soul was absolutely deep
Awake dear seed, show your face and leap.

Let the thoughts creep up like fire bush
Let the aroma of wet land be guide to perfect outputs
Let the knot in the heart convert into free brooks
Let it not be suppressed by mean term and looks.

Once awake and once fully alive
Cry like a newborn and prove you can survive
Choose the best nectar from that busy hive
Sing the song of your love, which gives you the drive.

Life when grow from the seed
To a healthy plant, not unwanted weed
Time to sneeze the fear, which was imbibed deep
Warm fuzzies is the only food, you are supposed to feed.

Seed to plant and back again to seed
We can’t stop the cycle of divine breed
But we can hold it to breathe and succeed
To prove that we are sure-enough human indeed.