Sometimes the definitions change…we interchange the feeling of pain with comfort and it is possible, when we are deeply in it…

When we start accepting things as it comes… when we accept the pain gracefully…and decide that, it will go with time…then the willpower within us speaks its language…

Hope you will be able to penetrate in my lines…


तुम पूछते हो,
दर्द किसे कहते हैं?
मैं पूछती हूं,
दर्द किसे कहते हैं?
गहन अट्टहास से…
हम कहते हैं,
दर्द इसी को तो कहते हैं।।

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  1. rajesh dhamge says:

    Pain is equated with gain… no pain no gain… then there’s a guaranteed opportunity for overcoming the challenges… there are few tricksters..who believe no gain no pain… these lots are propelled with the fuel of expected returns… then only they indulge for pain…..

    I think its better to endure pain… ….
    mushkile mujhper padee itni ….. k aasaan ho gayi….

    Some related quotes are… Pain is a property belonging to the intellect…SHANKRACHARYA… .. Pain is the great teacher of mankind. Beneath its breath souls develop. …M E ESCHENBACH

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    1. sutapa says:

      Beautiful words…soothing video…thank you so much!


  2. Rajan Michael says:

    Andhere khade Hum log hamesha ye soch kar darte h ki age andhera h kuch dikhayi nhi de rha h kaise hum age chale.
    Lekin yaisa nhi h , jab hum dhire dhire apna kadam age badhate chale to age age thodi si roshni najar ata h aur hum usi dhimi si roshi me age badhte chale jate h .
    Usi tarah jab hum dukhi hote h, dard hota h nirash hote h aur ye sochkar dar jate hbki ab kya hoga, kaise jiyenge etc. etc
    Man dhire dhire us situation me jine ki takat deta h aur hum usme adi ho jate h aur hum jeene lag jate h
    Bahut acha likha keep it up 👍
    God bless you abundantly 🙏

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    1. sutapa says:

      Beautiful writeup…thank you🙂


  3. Supriya says:

    Nice lines ma’am without pain no creation..Only thing how we take that pain. The whole personality depicts in pain..As u said definition of pain is different to everyone and at a same time the way they reflect to the pain is more important..When we r strong after all pain is mere a pain

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    1. sutapa says:

      So true…thank you🙂


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