It is said, words are mightier than the sword, but eyes speak the best language, as they are the mirror of the soul. In my poem I have let the eyes melt into the heart without any words to support them. Have you ever seen yourself in this mirror of the soul?

                MIRROR OF THE SOUL

Neither the face, nor the vivid circumstances,
It was his eyes, which made all the difference,
Never they spoke and it was not a hinderence,
As the eyes were the words for reference.

In my heart, his eyes spoke, there is a sprain,
She wanted to blink for a breath, but she sustain,
Least she miss the words, soaked in blood and pain,
He also struggled hard to stop the fight between his heart and brain.

It was time to depart and say bon voyage,
But the words still refused to come out of the storage,
Don’t go, stay back please, the eyes paid his homage,
I love you, wept the eyes, be the queen of my cottage.

Years rolled and everything gradually changed,
But not the eyes, who promised to wait,
Those eyes haunted her, even when she meditate,
Come back one day, he silently prayed.

And one day, she came back, in the same old lane,
Surprised he waited, controlling his emotional rain,
Defensive and hurt, he used the words stored in his brain,
Yes I faintly remember, you were one in my friends chain.

She smiled and whispered, remove this bandage,
Lying is an art, but you couldn’t manage,
Your eyes are the mirror of your soul, your salvage,
Dear your eyes still speaks the same language.


Your eyes still speaks the same language…


26 thoughts on “MIRROR OF THE SOUL (POEM)

  1. Bahut marmik aur dil ko choo lene wali kavita hai❤Aankhon ne sadiyon se mmok ko abhivyakti di hai jinhe paribhashit nahi kiya ja sakta, jahan shabd nahi pahuchte hai wahan naynon ke ayaam pahuch jate hai bahut pyari panktiyan🙏

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    Prologue to the poem harbors to its readers that eyes enable outlining of souls simply because CONFRONTING EYES MELTS INTO THE ECHOING HEART without upkeep of words. This is just another wonderful rendition on soul through the mirroring eyes. It seems that you can read souls in your proximity. In prelude you at the same time question us whether we were able to see ourselves. I think we (categorically me, I) have yet to embark upon this voyage to read souls. Still most of murky vision on immaculate mirror is obvious, because usually our souls are themselves tainted disallowing us to penetrate deep within deeper into eyes of others. This post 9 days before VALENTINE season compels the discerning minds to soak their mops…cleanse the mirrors….HAPPY MIRRORING ON VALENTINE DAY TO YOUR READERS/FOLLOWERS.

    “LOVE COMES IN AT THE EYE”…..WB Yeats….quote goes with the maiden lines of your poem…. (A SONG is apt to the situation..teri ankhon ke siway HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/InoD-N-hntY” https://youtu.be/InoD-N-hntY …) …but something muddles me still…. “Least she missed the words, soaked in blood & pain … WAS SHE REALLY EXPECTING WORDS……. YET SHE ADMITS THAT EYES WERE MAKING ALL REFERENCES TO HER DESPITE THAT COMMUNICATION LANGUAGE WASN’T PROHIBITIVE TO HER THEN”…. Is a question which stirs this reader…. What could have been the impediments in their expressions?

    To make any perceptions we rely on our senses & eyes give maximum alarm to deploy discretion for rest of the senses ranging from smelling, touching, tasting, listening… which gives further confirmation checks. “THE EYES BELIEVE THEMSELVES, THE EARS BELIEVE OTHER PEOPLE” GERMAN PROVERB…. Your poem has hovered a lot around eyes & has abandoned on rest of the senses. As we read it, we are into reminiscent recall for such parleys between the twosomes… if at all that happened to readers (actually this is about chemistry ….electro-chemical explosion which surges mind & heart and finally the soul, but is facilitated through the eyes which incarcerates a halo of loved one into our soul…and here mind/brain all are instrumental)

    The parting scene between these two friends has been beautifully pronounced…..wherein again the eyes have been the focus…. I mean the way eyes have been eventful poetically….. This makes us to conclude that everything was the same between them and changing as well, yet it was the girl finally changing to pay heed to his prayers…….someday she had to move from refraining herself & drifting herself towards his calls….. indicates the perseverance of boy and the MELTING OUT of the girl…… yes time defies everything…..it’s pretty late usually for any one… AND MAY BE IT MAY FUEL UP SOME ANGST & ANGUISH OVER HIS TORMENTED HEART/MIND/SOUL OR WHATEVER….. Until it’s a rendition like this situation…..(SONG……. Hum intezar karenge tera HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/XTLgnr00pHs” https://youtu.be/XTLgnr00pHs …….)…..here man has shown his exhilarating care.

    “THE EYES ARE SAID TO BE THE WINDOWS OF THE SOUL; THEY REVEAL YOUR THOUGHTS”. Claude M Bristol. This situation of parting like above isn’t lasting & permanent…you describe it so with some negativity about the boy… I would say it’s like a veil to hide emotions of sufferings…because a man won’t cry in any situation…. He may be rude and cast aspersions… he may cave in yet won’t register his resentment for having waited so long…. No it’s not his male chauvinism….but his failure to cohabit won’t allow him to say what he needs…& he may resort detouring..… His bitterness would spurt out venom for a while… but that’s the reason Lord Shiva can have Goddess Parwati as his consort. I have digressed from poem …in some significant way……but coming back…… I appreciate your ability to read a male psyche & morph it into blog…kudos. FINALLY THIS RELIEVES ME that girl finally pacifies her man…. & that his resentment, hostility, sullenness all was transitory AND SHE COULD SEE THIS FARCE IN HIS EYES…..BOTH WERE INCONGRUOUS. Here you have made his enchantress a divine one. Happy to read his divine hunt was over. (Please log into this mesmerizing SONG humne dekhi hae in ankhon HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/doPtBhDTpj0” https://youtu.be/doPtBhDTpj0 ….) YES HERE SHE COULD SEE DEEP WITHIN THE DEEPER OF THE MIRROR OF THE SOUL, DESPITE IT WASN’T IMMACULATE THEN.

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