Last month, same day (28th feb), my baba passed away. He fought with Alzhiemer bravely but surrender to God’s will. A tall, smiling, hard working Miner with helmet on head and hands on the steering of an open jeep, that’s the image of my dad I cherish.

I miss him beyond words, the hurt is like an open wound. I was his first born, baba’s little girl. I cherish the past we shared but miss the future we will not have…

Miss you baba, sleep well…

I know He takes only the best…..

              MISS YOU BABA


The journey was not that easy,
Lights were dim and images very hazy,
World of strangers, all bit crazy,
Was that the reason, to breathe, you felt lazy.


No, you were always a fighter,
Pain, ailments were holding you tighter,
But still you preferred to be life’s subscriber,
Baba you were my real Bengal Tiger.

Holding your hand, unaware of His game,
That God is going to call your name,
Maybe you were so tired, so He came,
You closed your eyes, life will never be same.

I long to spend a day with you,
And want to laugh with you on a topic new,
Your address has changed, that’s true,
Where to search you, there is no clue.


But deep inside my heart you are with me,
Sleep well, take rest, it’s a small plea,
To reach you, my thoughts are the secret key,
He always takes the best, I do agree…..
He always takes the best, I do agree.


49 thoughts on “MISS YOU BABA (POEM)

  1. So sad 😭 indeed…

    It’s always hard losing your dad..
    that man that you grow up loving and admiring.. and thinking he will always be there for you….

    Time will heal the pain .. but the memories will always lingers…

    So sorry 😐 for you loss… but keep him close in thoughts…

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  2. I really felt very sad to hear about sickness of uncle and i was eager to meet him and see him but unfortunately he is no more. He was very kind and of helpful nature. He only brought my father from ACC Wadi to Chandmari Copper Project, Rajasthan. We all family members are thankful to him for this. Condolence to his family. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

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    A poem rendered commemorating the departure of Baba signifies your great attachment with Baba…. But it indicates your affinity unparalleled…but…. “Who can measure a father’s love? – CAJETAN LOBO”… but your tribute has questioned this adage…. Death is inevitable, and its undying perpetual truth….. We aren’t immortals and yet through our impressions we defy this law of impermanence…. CONSEQUENTLY IT IS STATED… “YOU HAVE TO DIG DEEP TO BURY YOUR DADDY. – GYPSY PROVERB”…..such event is unforgettable for a coherent family. The way you adore and portray your Pa… it seems how cultured & principled you all have been and reared up by him… Baba mustn’t have failed before you all…..BECAUSE … “It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have real father. – POPE JOHN XXXIII”…. Bidding adieu has been done aptly even before your poem starts…..MISS YOU BABA, SLEEP WELL… I KNOW HE TAKES ONLY THE BEST….. “Is death the last sleep? No, it is the last final awakening. – Sir WALTER SCOTT”. …. A musical portion … an evocative call from departed souls to the living generation HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/K8P6COzoG70” https://youtu.be/K8P6COzoG70 listen it & feel it…..the presence of departed ones is there…feel it.
    This is your masterpiece… a poignant homage to your PA…….the lines starts soaked heavily from the weary and dreary respiration cum journey for salvation as endured by Baba…..you have illustrated everything appositely….. Your Baba as you revere him as Royal Bengal Tiger… a fighter… is pertinent….MOSTLY….. “We think of a father as an old, or at least a middle aged man. The astounding truth is that most fathers are young men, and that they make their greatest sacrifice in their youth. – JAMES DOUGLAS”. We all figure out a hero within our Papa & Goddess in our mother at some point of time. I can now vouch Baba endured his pain by slipping into coma and sustained on ventilator only to search you all before saying good bye to you all.….. and coincidently lucky are few as said by “Max Lerner – The need for a father is as crucial as the need for a son, and the search of each other – through all the days of one’s life exempts no one. HAPPY THE MAN WHO FINDS BOTH.” You can search his blessings through this…. HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/hbL9Gh7Ygj0” https://youtu.be/hbL9Gh7Ygj0 ….in abundance…. It’s in air.
    I am very much aware of your attachment with your parents…. You have rendered them as your God in your blogs…. I may yet fail to comprehend & visualize how you might have struggled for writing this tribute…lines of the poem still reveal how dreadful the situation might have been for you after having been aware of the possible last breathe of his existence and yet counting and repeated cycles of slipping…… witnessing him unshackling himself from the incarceration of life & death…. This has been stated hauntingly through your lines…. “Holding your hand, unaware ……………You closed your eyes, life will never be same”… I think while bidding this send-off, you have prophesied his well being from next journeys…..NO ONE DESERVES SUCH EXCRUCIATING PAINS YET SLIP INTO COMA TO FORGET THE PANGS OF LIBERATION FROM HIS OWN FAMILY WHILE EMBARKING FOR NEW SOJOURN SOMEWHERE ELSE ….
    Rendition along the vacuum felt due to Baba’s departure has been depicted very emotively…. And that divine hunt for your Baba’s whereabouts….unmistakably is quite moving….lil girls do seek papa’s presence … HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/Sk0JZeNoIxE” https://youtu.be/Sk0JZeNoIxE a tune forgotten from our distant past…..listen it to unwind…. “Boys & girls need chances to be around their father, to be enjoyed by him and if possible to do things with him. – Dr. BENJAMIN SPOCK”….. But yet one is aware of the non-returning journeys of such kind….yet everyone explores for the presence of their departed ones in their own ways… it’s a way to console oneself …. And you have done it with concluding lines by conceding that His picking up isn’t erring….. HE ALWAYS TAKES THE BEST….. LASTLY A BEST TRIBUTE TO ALL FATHERS…. “I could not point to any need in childhood as strong as that for a father’s protection – SIGMUND FREUD”

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  4. Alzheimer’s is such a cruel condition. Both my parents had it. And several other family members. And now a close friend. They call it the never ending grief as you watch your loved one fade away into a shell of their former self. And it is truly a blessing and a relief when the struggle is over and healing can begin. May your heart heal well 🙂

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  5. Very touching poem indeed……. Our Baba sacrificed a lot in his life to raise you and me….. He never used to buys things for himself but always used to ensure that we both got those things….. We were fortunate to have father like him…. He was a simple Good Hearted person….. He may have gone physically but he will be alive in our memory always ….. Thank you Baba for everything …… We miss you…….

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  6. Your words refreshens my childhood memories with my baba, All the babas, are the same heroes for their princess,whom we never want to loose at any cost.MAY THEIR SOUL LEAVE IN PEACE, We all miss ……..them a lot………..

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  7. Very touching lines, my eyes filled with tears while reading this poem. Few things are beyond our control dear. He is not with you but his blessings will always be with you. He can go far away from your sjght but always be there with you in your memories. Very emotional poem.

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